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Collect, understand, and act on data, because what can be measured can be improved. With us, you will improve your business by making informed decisions and achieve measurable results, leading to the growth and success.


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Ecommerce Due Diligence

Ecommerce Consulting

We advise investors and investment funds in making the best decision during the transaction procedure. As part of the E-commerce Due Diligence study, we identify the opportunities and risks of e-business from the technical side and evaluate success factors for future development, taking into account, among others, competition audit, traffic analysis and SEO and UX data.

We support in the creating of the financial model in e-commerce and the selection of an appropriate negotiation strategy - from the buyer or seller perspective. We are mediation support for both the investor and the subject of a potential transaction. We ensure that the provided reports are reliable and contain conclusions helpful in making decisions.

Wykres do analizy danych

Web Analytics

To guarantee your e-business the maximum return on investment, you need to grow it by making data-driven decision. The correct data collection is a big challenge, especially for large websites or online stores. However, an even bigger challenge is the appropriate analysis of data, converting the gathered information into insightful conclusions, which, if applied, will bring real profits.

Our team will help you implement and configure popular web analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Yandex Metric or increasingly popular PIWIK. We will also analyze the size and quality of the traffic obtained. If your needs are more complex, we will develop custom reports and dashboards visualizing the key aspects for you.

Analiza on-page / off-page SEO

Technical SEO Audit

The potential of the website depends to a large extent on the ability to acquire valuable, organic traffic from search engines such as Google. Thanks to skilful and consistent planning and implementing content development strategies and a fully optimised website, your business will stand out from the competition and attract new, committed users.

Greenlogic will professionally analyse your website's health condition, both in terms of on-site and off-site SEO factors. We will identify fields where the marketing potential of the website has not been fully exploited and as part of a comprehensive report, we will develop recommendations that will increase online presence. Make sure that search engines understand your website's message.

Badania UI / UX

UI / UX research

It is better to conduct regular research and optimisation on the website / application than build it from scratch. The cost is incomparably lower and, when consistently implemented, give a professional character to the brand or product. An in-depth analysis of the application will allow you to pick up issues that make it difficult for the user to move around, distract and dissuade him from buying.

Greenlogic analyst team will investigate your website for apperance, usability and comfort of use. The result of this analysis is a detailed report, which will eliminate problems with user experience and improve the comfort of using the site. You will also gain customer satisfaction and strengthen the brand image, and consequently increase sales / conversion and develop your business online.


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