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Machine Learning

We use machine learning to improve the algorithms used in production automation, quality control and object recognition.

Custom Apps

We build web & mobile apps, entire backend and frontend systems from scratch - scalable, secure solutions that stand the test of time.

Product Design

We craft meaningful and relevant experiences to users that are tested and refined to engage, helping you to achieve your business goals.

We build fast, scalable digital products

With our modern approach to software development, you can be sure that we will solve your business problem. Join the Greenlogic family and gain a reliable technological partner.

Our digital products are used by thousands of people every day. We understand what determines a good, useful product

“Greenlogic has been our technological partner since 2015. Creative, reliable and on time. I’m glad we have them on board!”

Jakub Strzelczyk

CEO at
Technology Fast 50 CE

Trusted by
market leaders

We value you for your high competences and creativity in solving technological problems. Greenlogic is a great partner for cooperation

Matt Bosek

CTO at
NFT platform of the year | AIBCSummit

“Greenlogic provided the most effective and innovative system using AI to detect contamination on X-ray images for our scanning devices.

We are extremely pleased with the cooperation.”

Jerzy Malek,

CEO at Euro Industry inc.
Top 100 richest Poles by Forbes


Over 400 projects for 140 clients

in 2 weeks

To avoid high costs and test the implementation of a certain method or idea in order to demonstrate its feasibility, we suggest starting with our POC process. In this way, you will solve business problems and accelerate your business innovation goals.

Our experts will define your technological problem and conduct a quick R&D process that will determine the challenges, budget and time required to implement the solution. Within 2 weeks you will know where you stand.

We restrain all security measures so that your idea does not flow outside of Greenlogic. Before the start of any talks, we conclude the necessary NDA agreements and admit only people directly involved in the project.

We make every effort to keep the costs related to PoC as low as possible. The cost of PoC is calculated for each client individually – depending on the type of specialists we need to engage. The average cost of a 2-week PoC in 2023 was EUR 9,200. In 2024, due to high inflation in Poland, an increase of around 15% can be expected.

We guarantee a precise budget after 2 weeks of analysis or a report in which we will explain the complexity of the problem in detail, so that you can make the best possible decision from the point of view of the possibilities of the current technology known to us.

Our team includes designers, analysts, programmers and scientists who deal with issues related to machine learning, deep learning and other classification techniques on a daily basis. In addition – over several years of activity – we have built a network of contacts, allowing us to reach specialists in many fields.

Our dev team uses most modern technologies and frameworks related to JAVA, Python, Go and AI to be able to best match the competences to the client’s needs.

The team gathered at Greenlogic has the quality gene as well as the required education and experience, and despite several years in the industry, we are still passionate about our work. We have spent years exploring science, conducting experiments and implementing projects. So far, we have not encountered a problem that was beyond our capabilities, and to be honest, we are looking forward to it.

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