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At Greenlogic, we believe that good design solves not only current but also future problems. We create digital products that grow businesses and provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users.


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Projektowanie usług

Service Design

Designing products or services that people use, value, and sometimes even love requires proper embedding in customer needs context. User orientation as a priority puts the client's perspective, its contact with the brand's products, the way of using them, the experience before and after the purchase and, of course, the experiences created by each of the contact points.

We will comprehensively design your start-up - from a product/service concept, through scenario definition, market analysis, selection of the right technology and business partners, to the creation of ready products and their implementation on the market. Our specialists will deal with total cost estimation and choose the right business model.

Projektowanie i optymalizacja

UI / UX Design

User experience design brings together a product with the need that your user seeks to satisfy. While designing experiences of customers we not only consider visual, functional or useful issues but we focus on the context and environment the product will be used in. Using our knowledge, experience and modern tools we will develop unique UX for your products.

Contact us and our specialist will conduct a in-depth app/page/store analysis and provide a comprehensive report that indicates issues which discourage users from buying. We will also propose solutions tailored to your needs and capabilities. In results, you will find numbers, charts but foremost recommendations understandable from a business and technical point of view.

Projektowanie mobilnych

Mobile App Design

The most important feature of the PWA (Progressive Web Apps) applications is that they work and look exactly the same on any device and browser. One will work everywhere, even without access to the Internet, which means lower costs of creating and maintaining a mobile application. You no longer need to choose an operating system (iOS or Android), so you can focus all efforts on user service organization.

Building high-quality progressive applications brings great benefits in the form of cross-platform application performance, increased user engagement, and improved conversion. Contact us. We will design and create an efficient PWA application for you. We will take care of its maintenance and prepare a report showing the gained benefits after implementing it to your business.

Projetkowanie serwisów internetowych

Web Design

From the extensive websites, visited by tens of thousands of users a day to a simple landing page for a small pizzeria. We have been dealing with graphic design since the beginning of Greenlogic and it is still exciting for us. As part of the service, we always analyze web analytics data, and then we define areas for improvement. We carry out a new project only when we have a specific plan.

We design responsive websites, desktop and mobile applications in a way that they look good and communicate your business accurately. We also designed CRM&CMS systems, applications for banks, real estate offices and travel agencies. Thanks to the experience gained with hundreds of implementations, we have developed a process that has been trusted by brands like, Carlsberg or Eurobank.


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