Software development

Our long-standing experience and comprehensive skills will meet your unique programming needs. We have implemented over 400 projects, and our specialists have provided AI-based solutions to the following industries: food processing, financial, e-commerce and optical.


We can help with:

Aplikacje dedykowane JAVA

Custom Web & Mobile Apps

We create Java, Python, Go applications tailored to your company needs. Our programming team will help you to redefine existing products or turn an idea into a ready-to-market product. We implement real-time solutions, SaaS analytical applications deployed on Google Cloud Platform or AWS servers, optical detection systems and scalable systems for corporations.

Java, Python or Go are a great solution for complex business implementations. The software we create is characterized by scalability, security and reliability. We also care about the great and intuitive design of administration, so that application management is fast, simple and easy to handle by all your employees - regardless their tech-savviness level.


Machine Learning

Since 2016 we have been constantly developing intelligent applications for our customers. Our software house created the application dealing with object detection on the analyzed X-ray images. This technology has been implemented and tested in the Milarex company. It has immediately become their quality control tool capturing contaminants such as glass, stone, ceramics and stainless steel in the produced food.

We successfully use machine and deep learning to improve the algorithms used in robotics and automation, production processes, quality control, data aggregation, people, voice and object recognition. Our technology has many applications and is extremely efficient.

Big data dla e

Big data for e-commerce

New ways of reaching the customer, understanding and fulfilling his needs generate infinite amounts of data. The foundation of modern e-commerce stores and platforms are applications that use dedicated technologies for big data. Dynamic quotation, personalised user experience and customer journey or enhancing business decisions are only a few examples of this technology .

The benefits of big data for online businesses make the technology a valuable investment. For our customers, we prepared the platform. It analyzes users' behaviour and based on given scenarios selects the lead-conversion strategy for each user by real-time website personalisation and tests every decision by machine learning algorithms.

Front-end Development

Front-end development

Front-end development is an important process, responsible for creating a layer directly interacting with your customer and thus directly affecting your business. This is the point, where design and usability guidelines and rules are transformed into responsive templates and interactivity and subtleties appear, determining whether and how users will use the product.

Since 2009, we have been gaining knowledge and experience in this area. We will turn every graphic design into profesionall HTML / CSS / JS layouts, so it perfectly fits the specification of your business, making it competitive, following newest trends and tailored for your needs. Our experts will deliver code which is efficient and easy to develop.


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