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We focus on business development by implementing solutions using AI, such as machine learning or deep learning. For this purpose, we use our own FIRECRUX engine, a framework for rapid prototyping of AI digital products, which we have been building since 2016.


Clients who trusted us

Hartenberg Holding - banner

Hartenberg Holding

The Hartenberg Holding investment fund manages companies assets, searches for new investments and conducts business transactions. Greenlogic assisted in the transaction due diligence by preparing the thorough analysis of the leading children's clothing and toys manufacturer in Poland.

Milarex banner


One of the most modern salmon processing plants in the world. In 2017 Norwegian investment fund Summa Equity bought 75% of Milarex shares for € 470 mln. Greenlogic engineers created smart X-ray an inspection system that uses AI to recognize contaminants during the production process, such as steel, glass or ceramics.

banner firmy Roche

Roche Holding AG

Swiss medical concern, Roche Holding AG, supports doctors every day in their fight for the health and lives of patients. Greenlogic engineers support Roche on international programming projects and are responsible for many kinds of testing and delivering high-quality technical specifications.

Uniqly (NFT platform of the year | AIBCSummit) is unleashing web3 shopping experience in the new era of e-commerce. We are constantly involved in the development of the marketplace combining physical items with digital resources between metaverses and delivered many smart contracts integrations.

logo bruk-bet


BRUK-BET, the Polish market leader in paving stones and terrace tiles, is a company that receives the highest market awards, taking first places in many nationwide consumer quality surveys. Created by Greenlogic new production planning system manages all the company's factories and uses unique big-data solutions enabling flexible scalability.


MCI Capital

MCI Capital, a private equity fund, and Greenlogic built together startup (Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe 2021). It was the first Polish online market for genetic, dietetic and blood research. Greenlogic was responsible for brand management, system development and online marketing. banner


With over 1,5 million customers, is the biggest tour operator in Poland and part of the Rockaway Capital portfolio. We've provided a recommendation engine built using FIRECRUX that displays the best offers available on the market to millions of users - based on their behavior measured in real time.

Zajawka IBM

IBM Poland

IBM is one of the oldest and biggest IT companies in the world. They handle every segment of the IT market, from mainframe computers, through laptops, to nanotechnology. Greenlogic designed and implemented a website promoting the OpenPower servers campaign and participated in many other marketing activities.

banner firmy ASPA

ASPA Welding

ASPA, with over 60 years history, is the biggest Polish manufacturer of metal welding machines. Greenlogic refreshed the image of ASPA and all the organizations brands, performed on and off-site SEO audit and accomplished lots of smaller task.

baner unit4


Unit4, ERP system producer, is a leading provider of enterprise-class applications used by companies all over the world. Working together with CMSMirage, we analysed users behavior and prepared a new designs for a corporate website of the whole capital group.

Zajawka Controlling Systems

Controlling Systems

Controlling Systems delivers world-class business products such as ERP systems or data management solutions. We designed and implemented websites for every brand of the company, including main Our data analysts assisted on numerous optimizations.

ekodrewno baner

Eko Drewno

Eko Drewno is a leading Polish company producing, importing and distributing the high quality, eco-friendly wooden products. We designed and implemented every company's websites, organised photo session, trained internal departments and took care of online activities.


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