Slow and steady wins the race

In our company you will find a comfortable place to develop your passions and achieve your business goals. You work the way you want, where you want & when you want – yes, we said it…


Why us?

nieskończoność czasu

Unlimited work time

You manage your own work time and choose projects in which you want to participate. You also decide when and how long your leave is.

Ambitne projekty w firmie Greenlogic

Ambitious projects

From among the available orders, we select those full of challenges, using modern technologies or ambitious business models.

Wysokie profity


The company has full financial transparency. We are accounting ourselves for completed tasks, not working time.


How does it look like?

Work at Greenlogic is associated with professional development, but in particular with the development of responsibility and the ability to organize time. Nobody stands behind your back and does not monitor the activities of your colleagues. There is trust and freedom in choosing the right hours for you. You come and go when you want. You will not be bound by office opening hours. For us, just like for our clients, the effect of your work counts, not the number of hours spent in the office. If you prefer to work remotely, you can take your computer home, sit back and enjoy the peaceful morning.

Do you need to leave on demand or do you want to rest a few days in the middle of the week? Let us know by email or by phone and enjoy the rest you deserve. We know well that sometimes unforeseen situations happen. In return, we expect simple honesty and communication.

We take care of well-being by providing a friendly atmosphere at work, without impossible deadlines and supervision at every step. We are a team of a few people who is far from corporate impersonality. We regularly organize Pizza Day because … we have our own pizzeria. Every morning, there is coffee from an espresso machine or tea. In the summer we start the air conditioning, and in the winter we take care of clean air in the office, free from smog. If during your work you feel a growing need to nap, a chill room with a comfortable couch will be at your service. We have known for a long time that working in an atmosphere of comfort is more effective.

However, a modern office in the center of Wroclaw is not everything. The main advantage of working at Greenlogic is the unique atmosphere, stimulating development and creativity. The basis of our cooperation is dialogue, self-discipline and direct contact with business. We share ideas and inspirations supporting the improvement of our projects. Your contribution is extremely important to us – we need your perspective to see more and be able to constantly provide high quality services to our clients. A transparent form of work organization and a transparent pay system means that you know what to expect and that your contribution to the company’s development is noticed and appreciated.

We expect a large dose of independence. We are looking for responsible and truly development-oriented people. We offer a system of introductory training, but we expect you to be passionate about the industry and profession in which you want to specialize. Self-training is welcome. Tell us if you find the course you are interested in – we will help you get the certificate by financing the cost of obtaining it and providing substantive support from our experts!

Work at Greenlogic opens you up to new opportunities and facilitates the path of development. We promote initiative and efficient implementation of tasks. We think that our employees know best in which direction they want to study, and we should help them and ensure that they can test their skills in business.

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Over 400 projects for 140 clients