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Research and Strategy

Research and Strategy in service design involves careful observation and analysis of customer relationships with a service or product, known as touchpoints. It goes beyond website implementation, encompassing various services such as planning and optimizing logistics processes, ensuring data security for clients, establishing reporting methods, and determining the required competencies of future employees.

In our company, we prioritize start-ups and understand the importance of considering not just the application itself, but also the broader business processes that support it. Service design emphasizes co-creation, involving all stakeholders affected by the product or service, including both service providers and recipients. While most resources are often allocated to customer-facing products, it is crucial to recognize the significance of internal processes and the experiences of the organization's employees. Service design addresses organizational gaps, tackling surface conflicts, facilitating difficult conversations, and shaping relationships within the organization.

By conducting thorough research and analysis, we gain valuable insights into user needs, expectations, and behaviors. This knowledge forms the foundation for developing a robust service strategy that aligns with the business objectives. We leverage market research, competitive analysis, user interviews, and observations to create detailed user personas and map their customer journeys.

Research and strategy extends beyond traditional website implementation, recognizing the holistic nature of service design. We consider not only the external touchpoints but also internal processes, aiming to optimize the entire service experience. This includes planning and implementing efficient logistics processes, ensuring data security, developing appropriate reporting methods, and identifying the necessary competencies for future employees.

We strive to enhance service quality, customer satisfaction and overall business success. Additionally, we address organizational gaps and foster positive relationships within the organization, promoting a harmonious work environment and sustainable growth.

Design and Implementation

Transform your business with our comprehensive Design and Implementation services. We specialize in crafting exceptional user experiences tailored to your needs. Our expertise covers a range of services, including user journey design, service prototyping and testing, interaction and user interface design, customer service design, service process improvement and optimization, service innovation and new concept development, as well as service implementation and monitoring.

With user journey design, we meticulously map out every step of the customer experience, ensuring a seamless and engaging interaction from start to finish. Our service prototyping and testing approach allows you to validate your ideas before implementation, gathering valuable feedback and making informed decisions. We excel in creating visually stunning and intuitive interfaces through our expertise in interaction and user interface design.

Additionally, our customer service design services help you optimize communication channels and streamline processes to deliver outstanding support. We also specialize in service process improvement and optimization, identifying areas for enhancement and driving operational excellence. With our service innovation and new concept development solutions, we help you stay ahead of the competition by uncovering groundbreaking ideas and developing innovative service offerings. We provide end-to-end support, ensuring smooth service implementation and ongoing monitoring to track performance and make data-driven improvements.

Trust our Design and Implementation services to transform your business, deliver exceptional experiences, and drive long-term success. Contact us today to unlock the full potential of your services.

Service Design is fueling innovation, fostering connection, and crafting experiences that leave a lasting imprint on hearts and minds.


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