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We specialize in crafting exceptional websites that elevate your brand, captivate visitors, and deliver unforgettable experiences. Get ready for spectacular designs that drive engagement, generate results, and inspire action.


Ignite your brand with our exceptional web design expertise. Be ready to stand out!

Web design

We have designed big and small websites, online stores, mobile apps and everything in between. We understand the differences in the users’ reception of sites when operating on phones, tablets or computers. We know the importance of environment, habits and perception of technology in different target groups, that is why, in the process of producing responsive sites, we relate to the latest studies and test the implemented solutions.

Thanks to the experience, gathered throughout over 200 realizations, we have reached a bulletproof process trusted by such brands as: IBM, Roche,, Eko Drewno, Controlling Systems, Carlsberg and Eurobank.

Transform your digital landscape with website lifting. Our expertise spans online stores, corporate websites, back-end design, and mobile apps, delivering exceptional experiences that captivate and inspire.

Website lifting

Your website, as it stands today, doesn’t meet your visual standards, it’s not functional or incompatible with mobile devices? The decision to develop a new site almost always translates to significant costs, and that’s why a reasonable choice is to refresh only the visual aspect of the already existing one.

Our services include a careful look into internet analytical data, on the basis of which we will determine the aspects which demand unification and redesign. Having a clear step-by-step plan, GREENLOGIC will prepare a new graphic design with the budget and timetable limitations on our mind.
On the basis of the prepared designs we can also deliver HTML / CSS / JS layouts.

Stores and corporate websites

We specialize in developing online stores and corporate websites, and the sites we design serve thousands of people every day (,,, Big projects taught us a lot – patience, constant attention to detail and precise planning. This is why, regardless of the scope of the project at hand, we remains flexible throughout.

Just as we begin drawing the first sketches, we start analyzing the website in terms of information architecture, interactions and construction adjusted to the contemporary SEO requirements. Additionally, thanks to our own greenbox studio, we can conduct professional product photoshoots for online stores.

Admin templates design

Simple business processes and reliable, trusted tools, lie at the foundation of prosperous companies, and yet, the manner in which they come to life is frequently unplanned. Ill-designed apps affect everyday activities in a negative way, reducing effectiveness and employee motivation, they also become a barrier for information flow, causing chaos in management and decisional infirmity (impotence).

On our path we had the opportunity to create many website, but we also are adept in other systems: CMS, CRM, bank, real-estate, travel office applications. We are a co-developer of ticketing platforms implemented in many venues such as Polish Football Stadiums and the Poznań International Fair. Throughout our history we have gathered sufficient experience, which now gives us ease in developing dedicated solutions which hold their ground for many years.

Mobile apps

We comprehensively create mobile apps for iOs and Android systems. From concept through interactive sketches and graphic design to full branding.
For the use of responsive layouts and mobile app testing, we have created our own mobile-devices laboratory which includes iOS devices (iPhone, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro) and Android devices (Samsung, Google, Huawei). Now we are certain, that our designs will fit your standards.

If you have a ready project we can also develop your mobile app.

Web design is the artful fusion of craftsmanship and ingenuity, where every pixel holds the power to shape immersive online experiences that resonate with audiences.


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