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Delivering Delightful Interactions: Unleashing the Magic of UX Design and Optimization for Unparalleled User Experiences. Backed by years of experience and a track record of success, our team of experts has meticulously crafted and optimized hundreds of websites and applications, mastering the art of UX design through trial, error, and unwavering dedication.


We are forging future-focused business triumph, based on seamless experiences with UX design and optimization.

User experience design

User experience design combines technology, which you use to sell your products or services, with the needs that your client displays. A good UX is an insight into all points of contact between you and your client, and the best way of resolving problems, which occur during your shared journey.

While designing the experience of users, we take into account not only the visual, functional, or usability sides of the final product. We concentrate foremost on the context and environment, in which it will be used. We take a closer look at the hindrances, which may come up in unusual situations because we want to deliver complex, foolproof solutions.

With this service, we will change your idea into an effective product. GREENLOGIC will create user interaction scenarios and offer solutions which utilize modern transaction service tools such as payments, product or service delivery systems, or correct information flow models.

Rapid prototyping

Rapid prototyping is a service that enables faster creation of your app's form, and it is most useful when launching a new brand or product. When we start "from scratch," we get the most questions and doubts. Some of them can be dealt with on paper; however, when the issue at hand is more complex, it's necessary to create interactive mockups and verify numerous variables before we decide on a particular solution.

With the help of tools such as Axure, we prepare an interactive sketch of your app and subsequently test various types of navigation schematics and key user paths. This opens the doorway to a nearly instant and low-cost review of initial ideas, allows you to pick the most effective solution, and gives us a green light to start working on your project.

As an e-commerce agency, we will also help you with graphic design, HTML/CSS/JS layout creation, and implementation of your JAVA app.

UX optimization

As craftsmen, we prefer to start everything from scratch; however, from a business point of view, a better approach is to commit to a stable, ongoing optimization process. Its cost is incomparably lower, and sometimes it can elevate your brand or product to new levels of professionalism.

This is true also when talking about UX. We can perform a detailed analysis of apps and catch, sometimes subtle, notions that impede your user's movement, distort their attention, and ultimately prevent them from committing to the purchase decision.

Using our knowledge, experience, and modern tools, we will evaluate your website, and the gathered data will be compiled into a detailed report. In it, you will find not only raw facts, numbers, and graphs, but also pragmatic suggestions and recommendations visualized in such a way that they can be easily implemented on your site.

Service design

As a company favored by start-ups, we often measure our capabilities against not only websites but also complex service and support processes designed to reinforce their effectiveness. These projects, more often than not, transcend simple applications - sometimes they are the tools for delivering atypical products, other times data security methods, reporting formats, or precise outlines of competences for future employees.

Broad competences and tens of complex projects we have already completed enable us to support our clients even in the phase of their business development. We will aid you in the choice of technology, selection of trusted partners, or consumer relation scenarios. Our knowledge of marketing, e-commerce, and SEO strategy planning is yours for the taking. We gather data, analyze trends, and your competition's business model.

All of this in order to make sure that the final product meets the standards of your client and yourself.

Good UX is like a joke: if you have to explain it, it's probably not that great.


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