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We’ve seamlessly integrated cutting-edge AI technology into an iPad application using Flutter and Machine Learning. The result? Unparalleled performance and precision in measuring cylinders and other dimensions for eyewear production. Say hello to the future of eyewear manufacturing with our AI-powered solution!

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No more extra devices for iPad – AI revolutionizes optical measurement at clients salons!

Our client faced a significant challenge with measurement precision. The manual placement of markers in their process led to extended durations and susceptibility to errors.

Remarkably, despite these obstacles, the client persevered and conducted a staggering 300,000 measurements using an old method. Leveraging the client’s database and harnessing state-of-the-art AI models, we’ve revolutionized the process, achieving unprecedented speed and accuracy. This transformation is so efficient that it was seamlessly integrated into an iPad, reducing human involvement to merely holding the device.

This innovative solution not only streamlines the production of eyewear but also underscores the transformative power of AI in overcoming complex challenges, offering our client a level of precision, efficiency, and ease of use that was previously unimaginable.

Guiding principles

Human Error Reduction

Through the implementation of AI models and the utilization of a comprehensive database of customer-conducted measurements, the aim was to eliminate human intervention from the measurement process in the client's salons.

Enhanced Accuracy

The client was aware that previous solutions had errors in optical calculations, but they were uncertain about the specific areas of concern. Our next objective was to re-examine these calculations and enhance their accuracy.

Existing Devices Utilization

An important point raised by the client was the preservation of the existing Apple iPads owned by the salons and the development of software that would exclusively operate on these specific models.

Format Demands

In the market, there are only a few applications owned by major players in the optical industry. For the application to be usable by the client, it needs to align with the format imposed by these companies.

Results and customer benefits

A Story of Innovation and Precision

In the competitive world of European optical salon chains, our client faced a pressing challenge. They relied on the visuReal application for optical measurements, but it had become a source of frustration due to frequent and lengthy downtime, slow performance, and a subpar user experience. It was evident that change was needed, and this is the story of our journey to revolutionize the optical measurement industry.

Unveiling the Issues

Our initial step was to dissect the problem. Our team of engineers rigorously tested the application and scrutinized its complex algorithms. We discovered significant discrepancies, particularly in the Frame Face Form Angle (FFFA), an important metric for optical measurements.

Collaborating with respected scientists from the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, we developed a precise calculation method, reviewed and approved by a prominent German optometrist. This approach promised to impact optical measurements and eyeglass production across Europe, potentially reducing cylinder positioning discrepancies by up to 2mm.

Bridging the Mobile Gap

The next challenge was seamlessly integrating this new calculation module into the existing mobile applications on 8th-generation iPads. Leveraging Flutter and machine learning models, our team created real-time marker detection and dimension analysis for customer silhouette photos taken within optical salons. It took nearly 5 months of meticulous optimization to ensure smooth operation, eliminating unnecessary wait times for salon staff and customers alike.

Data Transmission Challenges

Adapting the data transmission process, though seemingly straightforward, posed unforeseen challenges. The lack of precise specifications in an already intricate process led to numerous head-scratching moments among our developers.

Navigating Human Variability

One of our most complex hurdles was accommodating the inherent variability of human facial features. Asymmetry, scars, facial hair, drooping eyelids, and other unique characteristics, combined with variations in customer posture and distance from the camera, required thousands of tests to train our AI to differentiate between relevant and irrelevant data, ensuring precision.

The client’s extensive eyeglass frame catalog, with its myriad of shapes and sizes, added complexity to the equation.

The Culmination of Efforts

Despite the numerous challenges we encountered, our meticulous approach yielded exceptional results. The final phase of app refinement exceeded expectations.

The development of this mobile application underscores the importance of precise optical measurements in dispensing and fitting new glasses. By enhancing key measurement parameters and streamlining the user interface, OptiVisu has successfully bridged the gap between technological innovation and practical utility, setting a new standard in digital dispensing and optical measurement accuracy.

Benefits Beyond the Project Scope

AI's Vision for Eyewear Without Markers

Thanks to AI, we can envision a future where marker-based eyewear measurements become obsolete. Future iterations of our application will have the capability to analyze faces, eyes, and glasses in real-time, effortlessly determining the critical parameters necessary for crafting exceptional, comfortable eyeglasses.

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