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A robust analytics model is the key to success in the online world, providing valuable insights and enabling data-driven decision-making to drive growth and achieve digital success.


How can our analytics services help you?

Audit and implementation of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popular tool for analyzing user activity on websites. This service is so popular thanks to its accuracy, flexibility, ease of use and multiple configuration options.

Incorrect or inaccurately configured Analytics will provide incomplete and erroneous data about user behavior and reactions. This is a dangerous situation, because all strategic marketing activities should be undertaken on their basis. Incorrect data effectively prevents effective brand and product management.

Make sure you use the full capabilities of this powerful tool and contact Greenlogic. Our experienced team will conduct a Google Analytics audit on your website and help you set up the service so that you can precisely target content and control the flow of users through the site. This will allow your company to learn more about your clients and meet their needs and goals.

Analysis of the volume and quality of traffic

Even a properly prepared for technical and marketing perspective, a group of recipients can enter the site, which we did not plan to reach. As a result, the number of visits does not translate into conversion. The analysis of the size and quality of traffic allows you to find out exactly who the service customers are and what devices they use.

Google Analytics data allows you to check which marketing campaigns are effective and which marketing channels are most suitable for your target group. Thanks to this, you can plan your next campaigns more effectively. You can also learn about the effectiveness of current marketing activities and find out why the conversion is not as high as the competition. The collected data will also help to isolate specific areas of the site that need improvement.

If you are struggling with any of these issues, write to us. The Greenlogic expert team will find solutions to these and other business problems using advanced web analytics.

Developing custom reports and dashboards

Some standard tools for analysis and monitoring data do not offer self adjust parameters , so as to fully correspond to current needs. They also do not allow for a thorough analysis or clarify all doubts. Often, when installing a website, the Google Analytics plugin is installed, but only the default settings are used. But it is worth to know that there are very powerful capabilities for accurate measurement, analysis, comparison and reporting of data on the habits of customers and their interaction with the service.

If your current analytics and reporting system is not completely satisfactory, contact Greenlogic. We will tailor it exactly to your needs so that access to all important data is as easy as possible. We will take care of the configuration of analytical tools and the reliability of the information presented by them.

We will use filters that will avoid information noise and extract relevant data. We will determine the actual needs of your business. We will create comprehensive reports supporting the efficiency of processes supported and decision making. We can also implement fully satisfactory solutions directly on your website. Using our many years of knowledge, we effectively reach the heart of the problem, integrate data and create detailed reports. This all builds the actual market advantage of your company and its products. A meticulous analysis of competition allows us to tailor marketing activities exactly to Your needs .

Analysis of user activity

There are several methods that allow accurate testing and record all user activity on the site. Thanks to this, you can find out how much time the user spends on the website, how deeply it enters the structure, on what areas of the site it focuses and what it pays the most attention to.

Contact us and let experienced Greenlogic team experts analyze your users’ activity on your website. Together, we’ll find solutions that will allow you to keep the user longer on the site and eliminate problems with dropping the site, and make it easier to use the site.

Unlock the power of your online presence with the insights and understanding gained from comprehensive data analytics - a pathway to achieving your digital goals.


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