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On-site SEO, Off-site SEO

Most internet traffic is currently via search engines. Any errors or imperfections of the website have a decisive impact on its visibility and existence in the network. It often turns out that even a well-thought-out and prepared website remains invisible on the internet, because it appears low in the search results – sometimes on the next page, or not at all. As a result, traffic is negligible and sales are falling. The first reaction to such a state of affairs is often the purchase of online advertising in the form of banners or pay per click services. Such solutions have a number of advantages and can temporarily increase the number of entrances to the site. At some point, it may turn out that the quality of these inputs is low, the involvement of small visitors, and the level of conversion unsatisfactory.

Therefore, it is very important that links to the website appear in the search results in a natural way, and the traffic on the site was generated organically, which directly affects the quantity and quality of entries to the site. High position in search results not only makes users more willing to use the service, but also translates into greater prestige brand.

As part of a professional SEO audit, the website is checked for its visibility in search engines. The research includes both on-site SEO, ie the issues of adapting the structure of the tested website to cooperation with search engine robots, as well as off-site SEO, which is the analysis of external factors affecting the positions. These include the popularity and authority of the page (measured by analysis of the quality of external links), and the signals flowing from social networks.

Contact with Greenlogic and conduct a comprehensive SEO audit of your website. We will examine your website in terms of the structure of links, we will analyze content and keywords. We will check the quality of internal linking and outgoing and incoming links, as well as the hierarchy of subpages. We will take care of the use of appropriate tags and solve other problems with the structure of the site – duplicate content, incorrect redirections, and all other factors affecting the visibility of your site. We advise and implement action by which your site will appear high in the search results. This will increase the number of entries in organic traffic and improve its quality, and as a consequence will strengthen the interest of users and the reputation of your website.

Link profile analysis

Good position in search engines, strong organic traffic and a large number of entries is not the end of SEO activities. As the popularity increases, the site becomes an object of interest not only from authentic customers and committed community members, but also from various types of uninvited guests. Outdated or poorly profiled marketing campaign can spoil the traffic generating empty entries and increasing the bounce.

There are also criminals and spammers in the network who search for popular websites and can capture some of the traffic, or even impersonate them. Thieving content is also a big threat. In addition to the threat of phishing and infecting websites with viruses, such situations also cause a decrease in its value in the search engine ranking. Algorithms track links between links across the internet and automatically recognize the site to which spam links lead, less trustworthy. As a result, the position in the search results quickly drops.

Write or call to Greenlogic and our team will introduce advanced solutions that will allow you to monitor the quality of links leading to your website. We will check if your site is in danger of being disqualified by search engines. We will also help in taking preventive measures that will avoid this fate. However, if you find that your site was already blacklisted Google, we will use the tools available to eliminate unwanted links and get search engines to renew the evaluation and restoration of the proper position of your site.

Analysis of keyword phrases and positions in the SERP

SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is a ranked list of pages that appears when you type keywords in the search engine. Some of these results is contained advertising links using pay per click campaigns. The part is organic results, unique for a given query and selected using search engine algorithms. SERP is a website that is a direct and often the final effect of website positioning and advertising on the internet. It is not without reason that this is one of the main areas of interest for SEO industry professionals and internet advertisers.

The professional SERP analysis aims to study the website’s position for keywords related to the website, and to choose methods to change these positions relative to the competition.

Run a professional SERP analysis of keywords from Greenlogic that apply to your website. Check if they fit your current internet search trends and see a comparative report in which you compare your brand’s rankings with those of competitors. We will diagnose problems, advise and help in the proper positioning of your website.

SEO Competitive Analysis

Gain the competitive edge with our comprehensive SEO competitive analysis service. Our team of experts will conduct in-depth research and analysis of your competition's SEO strategies, including keyword research, link building tactics, and content optimization strategies. With this valuable insight, we'll develop a custom SEO plan that leverages your strengths and targets your competitor's weaknesses to boost your search engine ranking and drive more traffic to your site. Stay ahead of the competition with our proven SEO competitive analysis service.

We'll provide you with a detailed report of our findings, outlining our recommended plan of action and prioritizing the tactics that will have the biggest impact on your search engine rankings. From there, we'll work with you to develop a customized SEO strategy that leverages your strengths and addresses your competitor's weaknesses. Our team will be with you every step of the way, providing ongoing support and monitoring to ensure that your SEO efforts continue to drive results and keep you ahead of the competition.

Don't let your competition outrank you in the search engine results pages - partner with us for expert SEO competitive analysis and gain the insights and strategies you need to succeed in today's digital landscape.

SEO is not about being found. It's about being the solution your customers are searching for. It's a marathon, not a sprint. It's a process, not an event.


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