UI / UX Optimization and Usability Research

Our UX optimization and usability research service evaluates user behavior and identifies areas for improvement, resulting in an engaging and seamless user experience that drives conversions.


How can we help with User Experience?

Usability testing

Verifying the usability of websites serves a key role in the process of conscious development of sites and apps (applications). Thanks to well-designed usability, the users will enjoy visiting your site and using your product; they will accomplish their goals, and thereby the business targets of your company.

As users, we are constantly analyzing and evaluating applications (apps), which we come by every day. The experience gathered through these tests is then applied in our own products. This helps us not only enforce efficient design models, but also lets us know why and how to do it.

User research and analysis

Tests with users are the most efficient method to achieve proper usability optimization. Depending on the needs, we complete them in our own laboratory, or remotely – thanks based on with numerous testers across Poland.

Our process includes:
  • initial meeting with client and thorough project walkthrough
  • tests performed by our experts and data analysis
  • user recruitment (corresponding to your target group)
  • preparing the test scenarios
  • conducting of the study
  • detailed report which includes recommendations for changes

Thanks to this service you will get to know how the users manage on your website, you will receive their comments and suggestions, submitted during the study, and you will receive a full report pointing precisely to these areas of your application, which need optimization. On your request we can also implement the recommendations of the report.

User journey mapping

User journey mapping is a powerful tool that allows us to gain a deep understanding of your customers' needs, motivations, and pain points. By mapping out the user journey, we can identify key touchpoints and interactions between the user and your product or service. This helps us to optimize the user experience and ensure that every step of the journey is smooth and engaging. Our user journey mapping service will enable you to create a digital experience that aligns perfectly with your users' needs, ultimately increasing engagement and driving conversions.

Through our user journey mapping service, we will help you visualize the entire user experience, from initial discovery to final conversion. We will uncover opportunities for improvement and highlight potential barriers to success. By understanding your customers' journey, we can tailor your product or service to their specific needs, creating a seamless and delightful experience that fosters brand loyalty and long-term success. Trust us to guide you through every step of the process, from research and analysis to implementation and optimization. With our user journey mapping service, you can be confident that your customers will have an exceptional experience with your brand every time.

Competition’s usability testing

If you are lacking ideas for making your product better, it’s time to take a more careful look at your competition. By getting to know the flaws and advantages of solutions in your branch, you will gain access to unique knowledge about preferences of potential clients, and it will enable you to establish new areas of development.

This testing format is analogous to tests with users. The difference is the subject of the study and the lack of data form the analytical system, to which we don’t have access in this situation.

Find out how users deal with handling your rival’s products and get their feedback during the test study. Included in the report you will find not only the flaws and qualities of the tested app, but also a correlation to your own product, with recommendations for a better, more effective approach.

UX design is not a luxury, it's a necessity. It's what separates great digital products from mediocre ones, and what keeps users coming back for more.


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