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Few years ago, the creation of a website was associated with arduous and time-consuming programming in the code. The first CMS systems, enabling website content editing by users of websites, not only by programmers, appeared in the 90s of the twentieth century and were originally created for internal use by large companies. Open, public content management systems appeared only after 2000. Initially, the scope of their use was quite limited, but over time the functions and operations were significantly expanded, and the interfaces were adapted to the needs and abilities of ordinary users.

WordPress was created in 2003, and currently it is used by over 60 million websites.

The use of the CMS platform when creating a website is currently the best solution due to the ease of designing, implementing and editing the site, great possibilities to customize the website to specific needs, as well as low costs and high speed of creating the website.

Thanks to the active WordPress user community, when creating a website, it is possible to use a huge number of ready-made templates, skins and add-ons extending the site’s functions. Thus, although initially WordPress was a platform dedicated to creating Internet blogs, it has now become an extensive, fully functional solution for easy and quick creation of all types of websites, including online stores.

Visual editor

All operations to create and modify a page based on WordPress can be performed through an intuitive and easy to use interface. You do not need any additional software to fully support the website, because everything is handled via a web browser. The method of editing the website content is similar to a regular text editor. You can add not only texts, but also pictures, graphics and other multimedia content as well as links to other websites.

Although WordPress is an easy and easy-to-use platform, it does not mean that there is no access to advanced tools. There is also the possibility of precise editing and customizing the page to more complex or non-standard needs through the use of various technologies and programming languages. The WordPress platform supports, among others HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript and Ajax, so everything needed to fit the website to specific needs or expectations as accurately as possible.

The WordPress platform also provides a number of tools for managing and improving group work. It is possible to define user roles and grant them specific sets of permissions, so that each user can change and edit only the content for which he / she responds, using a personalized and customized interface.

Rapid implementation

Website on WordPress is a perfect solution in situations when we want to launch a website or website as soon as possible, when we need a simple website, as well as for projects with a small budget. Depending on the complexity of the planned site, the time to prepare a simple website based on WordPress may close in a few days, and the creation of a website based on more complex projects may extend to several days. So it is so much less compared to the traditional methods of creating pages.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface and extensive library of pre-designed templates, WordPress makes it easy to get started with building a new website. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a complete novice, you can create a fully functional website that looks great and meets your needs in just a few clicks.

And with the help of plugins and other customization options, you can easily add features and functionality to your site as your needs evolve. Plus, with its robust security features, you can rest assured that your site will be safe and secureM.

Reliable hosting

You do not need to convince anyone that the basis of expectations for a website is the reliability of its operation, no interruptions in access and server errors. That is why the right choice of the hosting platform is very important.

WordPress is very popular, so all errors are reported and repaired quickly. The pages placed on this platform are stable and do not require constant servicing. Thanks to this, WordPress websites are safe from hacker attacks, as long as they are updated on a regular basis, because also a frequent mistake of fresh admins and inexperienced companies is to run the site and leave it completely unattended. Of course, this problem does not concern only the WordPress platform, but all websites available via the Internet. An obsolete site, regardless of its type, is always an attack vector for a potential attacker or data thief.

Contact us and we will choose the right tools exactly to your needs, deadlines and budget, implement fully satisfying solutions to achieve the desired business results in the most efficient way, and then we will advise you on hosting and servicing your finished website.

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