White Hat SEO

Leveraging good strategies, algorithms and data analysis to enhance website visibility and foster organic growth. Committing to quality content and search engine guidelines to ensure sustainable SERP rankings and robust site authority.


We focus on amplifying your presence in organic search results. With over 100 clients who can back our expertise.

On-site / Off-site SEO

Good visibility of a site in Google can change the level of your business diametrically. Based on our experiences in working with Travelplanet.pl, IBM, Eurobank or VARTA (and many others) we have come up with a SEO method more efficient than those available on the market.

What separates us from the rest is the utilization of the synergy effect obtained from various fields of online marketing. The way we build the position of our clients is consistent and safe. We do not concentrate on traditional positioning methods (like link building), but use the full spectrum of e-marketing. This is why we deliver a stable increase in your browser visibility, and most importantly, provide a month-to-month analysis and direct valuable traffic to your site. Valuable, in this understanding, means such that brings real business benefits (like signing up for a newsletter, completed user inquiries or product purchases).

Our White Hat SEO service is grounded on adapting tools to your needs. We can also utilize – content marketing, Social Media, viral or PR actions.

Acquiring valuable traffic

Increasing traffic on your site is not enough by itself, the key factor here is for the traffic to be valuable. We do not focus on scaling up empty numbers, which do not add up to your business’ growth. Our goal is to direct to your site a select group of people, from just the right places, so that they are in fact interested in your products and/or services.

Our client from the BI business branch, wanted us to position him with regard to phrases pointed by himself, these included for instance „budget planning”, because he was used to doing it for many years. Phrase positioning monthly budget (with his previous SEO company) amounted to 214 zł, which was a good, relatively low stake. It was however simple enough as to look at the conversion numbers, to find out, that within 4 years of work not one goal was completed. 4 years * 12 months * 214 zł = 10 277 zł lost, on just one phrase.. Why did this happen? Here’s the explanation – „budget planning” is a phrase associated to home budgeting, not business controlling techniques, and the phrase was simply reaching the wrong auditorium.

The classic “phrase positioning” technique is often faster, but in many cases does not bring effects. Our White Hat SEO actions are focused on constant optimization and effect analysis. This enables a gradual elevation of your site in search browser positions, but also makes it possible to attract just the right type of consumer, and make him stay on your site longer.

Website data analysis

Who is my client and which devices does he use? Which campaigns are most effective, and which are not at all? Which marketing channels are best for my business? Why are there less conversions on my site than on rival sites? Where should I look for improvements?

The answer to these question can be found by using internet analysis. Using our knowledge gathered throughout the years we can reach the center of the problem, we integrate the gathered data and create reports, which will generate a concrete business advantage for your company and products.

Website analysis is a service which deals with configuring specific analytical tools and provides sound, reliable data. On this basis we can define your actual needs and create reports which will help you make crucial decisions and strengthen the efficiency of your processes. On the basis of precise data we can help you maintain your business or provide ad hoc support fitted to your needs.

PPC campaigns

Campaigns which utilize the Pay-Per-Click mechanics are an excellent tool for promotion of services, which don’t yet have a stable, recognizable brand. Traffic in this format is generated quickly, and it is quite valuable. When conducting Pay-per-click campaigns (such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads) we apply the wfull range of tools provided by the platforms. In order to reach particular users we utilize remarketing, Google Display Network campaigns, YouTube promotional capabilities, and a combination of Social Media tools.

We create PPC campaigns from scratch, but also deal with optimizing already existing ones – limiting their costs, and simultaneously increasing clickability. We have been optimizing small-budget campaigns ($500 a month), as well as campaigns with budgets exceeding tens of thousands dollars.

A key advantage of our services is a comprehensive campaign support. Our actions are not limited to directing traffic to clients’ site, but are continued on the level of user’s purchase path. We analyze both the PPC platform data, and its influence on the final sale rates on your site. The effect of our model of campaign service is a much greater control over promotion of product/company and more effective online sales.

A top-notch SEO strategy isn't just about visibility—it's the compass that guides customers to your digital doorstep, transforming clicks into cash flow.


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