Online Marketing

Combining technical prowess with strategic creativity, this service focuses on cultivating your online presence, optimizing your reach through SEO, SEM, and social media, while harnessing the power of data analytics to ensure targeted and effective campaigns. Your digital success starts here.


We specialize in providing comprehensive marketing solutions, helping clients achieve visibility growth, generate brand interest and expand businesses.

Online marketing

In order to be successful in selling your services toy need to take care of just the right marketing tools. Internet is the biggest shopping center there is, and it facilitates the entire purchase process – from need creation, through verification of opinion and comparison of available products, ending with purchase finalization. An effective promotion distinguishes fashionable brands from those which people don’t yet know.

We provide a comprehensive online marketing support. We are not afraid of complex advertising campaigns, promotional actions and constant maintenance for the benefit of your brand. We offer professional Social Media management, Social Media communication creation, image and PR services.

We can proudly show you our vast experience in online marketing. We have been working with small companies, and global brands, completing a broad range of promotional activities and organizing complex advertising campaigns. We are always doing everything to be remain creative and effective.

Social marketing

Social media marketing nowadays is an excellent sales tool – depending on the branch of business it can prove more useful than traditional marketing. In the era of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat trade has been transferred to social networks and no brand should be absent from there.

However, maintaining a clear-cut, proper marketing politics in social media is not an easy task, and that’s why it is worth to get some help from professionals. We offer full Social Media support: content updating, communication with fans and users, contests and events, and official brand communication. We conduct social media campaigns together with completing PPC campaigns.

Our social Media services include social media profile management, promotional campaigns (Facebook, LinkedIn), and the elements of social commerce – with purchase mechanics on the basis of social media platforms. We can determine the specificity of the brand and adjust the strategy to a particular type of user. We will help you build the image your company deserves.

Remarketing and targeting

Every user has a set of qualities, preferences, habits, needs and commandments. To know them is the key if you want to direct your promotional communication precisely. Personalized message changes the user into a client much easier than even the largest advertising banner.

An average user who comes to your site as an effect of your remarketing campaign stays there significantly longer than other users, and his visit is characterized by a higher conversion rate. Conversion, in this understanding, is a situation when the user completes one of your business goals, such as product purchase or newsletter sign-up.

We deal with conducting marketing campaigns based on creative segmentation of clients and combining knowledge of location, demographics, and interests. We can find a potential client, then direct him to your site with appropriate communication, and help him finalize his purchase.

Image-creating actions

Internet, and especially social media create immense promotional opportunities, that is why it is important to take care of your brand’s good image. Information in the web spread in the blink of an eye, that is why we make sure they are positive. If however, we have to deal with a negative comment, there comes a need to take a correct, situation-fitting stance.

We will provide you with non-stop social media monitoring, quick reaction to any comment and high availability in the case of unexpected events. We are experienced in managing communication for big, global brands (IKEA, VARTA) and we can skillfully navigate through uncertain terrain of social media. Responsibly we will help you build the image you desire.

Digital marketing is like a puzzle with infinite solutions, where creativity, strategy, and data-driven insights come together to unlock remarkable results in the online landscape.


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